Healthy Living: Let’s Get Real with Eileen Wyner

We recently featured nurse practitioner and cancer survivor Eileen Wyner on Healthy Living! Eileen helped write this Harvard Health Blog post: Exercise as Part of Cancer Treatment, and she has had some intense personal experiences to share with us. She first tells the story of how deconditioned and weak she became after chemo, unable to pull herself up off the floor, and how she got her strength back. She then demonstrates some simple upper body exercises using common household items like cans of beans:

And I join in too, of course! With a precisely adjustable hand weight: a water bottle!

And of course we had to mention resistance bands: lightweight, travel-friendly, and cheap!

Eileen also suffered a fall (narrowly avoiding being run over by cars) and had a very long rehab from her ankle fracture, and she demonstrates some of the moves that helped her walk without pain and recover her balance:

This show was very real, and all about healthy living. Check it out:

Want to see the whole episode? Here it is!

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