Healthy Living: Let’s Get Real About Healthy Kids’ Lunches with Tara McCarthy, RDN

Tara McCarthy is a registered dietitian nutritionist at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Her above-and-beyond effort to personally experience the special diets she recommends– creating, testing, and eating a variety of recipes– was just featured in the news!

I was thrilled to have her on the show to answer the age-old question: What do we put in the kids’ lunchboxes that’s healthy but that they will also actually eat?

Tara teaches us about the HEALTHY LUNCHBOX EQUATION:

Protein + Starch + Fruit + Vegetable + Treat! She shows us many combinations that will fulfill the healthy lunchbox equation, and even more fun, she rates my own kids’ lunches! Yes, their real lunches that I had prepared for the next day. Want to know what she thought?

My daughter’s lunch, which included three types of fruit, graham crackers and Nutella, and a yogurt drink, met the Healthy Lunchbox Equation requirements!
My son’s lunch, which included three types of fruit, an almond butter and jelly sandwich on white bread, and a Nutella to-go container didn’t quite meet the Healthy Lunchbox Equation requirements– Too much sugar!

If you’re looking for family nutrition advice, check out Tara’s website. She offers consultations on everything from picky eaters and weight management to food allergies, Celiac disease and Eosinophilic Esophagitis!

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