Fitting in Fitness: Hacking a Home Workout 

I am not an inherently even-keeled human being. Heck, I can’t even say that I’m always emotionally stable. A lot of ingredients and elbow grease help create and maintain my (currently) pretty high-functioning professional persona. 

One REALLY important ingredient is activity. I move around as much as I can when I can. The more movement, the better. Sitting is for sad folks. 

There is ample scientific evidence to support these statements. Regular activity boosts mood and protects against anxiety, depression, insomnia. It’s part of the self-care recommendations when we initiate treatment for these psychiatric disorders. Walking, yoga, running, swimming, dancing, Pilates, hiking, group fitness, ANYTHING helps. 

But we’re just so darned busy, aren’t we? Yes, which is why sneaking in some sweating should be a priority. I have a bunch of tips on how to make activity happen in my latest post over at Harvard Health Blog, Fitting in Fitness for Busy People. 

But I’ll also tell you about the best $120 investment Hubby and I made, five years ago: a manual spinning bike. This thing has paid for itself fifty times over. It hides in a corner and is always available for a low-impact indoor workout. 

Sometimes we spin listening to music, other times we’re checking our smartphones, but lately we’re taking online spinning classes. Who needs the two-grand-plus Peloton bike, when a 15$ monthly subscription and the Peloton app gets you ALL their classes on demand? The best instructor is Robin Arzon, hands down. That sailor-mouthed badass ex-lawyer has kicked my butt over and over. Highly recommend. (**And FYI, I get absolutely NO incentives of any kind from them. This blog is no ads, no promotions. Only honest opinion. It’s a doctor thing. I’m just so thrilled with my home-hack spinning classes, I have to share!)

The best part? I can get a workout while the kids play. Babygirl snapped this photo recently:

And this was my view while working out:

Yeah, see my previous post about kids and messes… Clean and orderly home, not a priority. Exercise, activity, movement, absolutely essential. 

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