Being Active When You’re Too Busy

It’s 2018, and we’re all so super-busy. Me, I’m up against a tight deadline for a 50k-word writing project, seeing patients in clinic 3-4 sessions per week, and mothering two little kids.

But I’m sneaking in activity, because I have to. Exercise is medicine, critical for our psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular health.

For me, if I don’t get enough movement in my day, I feel it. I get stiff and achey, tired and cranky. So even when I’m really booked, I do something.

There’s good scientific evidence showing significant health benefits from brief spurts of activity, or even just taking little walks throughout the day.

With that in mind, this past week: I strolled around the block and jumped on the trampoline with my kids in the weekend; I got off the train one stop before the hospital and walked that extra mile every weekday; I typed at my standing desk for hours at work; I did a couple minutes of core exercises and yoga moves at bedtime every night. Once, I went to the gym, but every day, I did something.

And since my Boston walking photos were well-received on social media, here’s a few more recent ones:

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