Win the Exercise Mind Games

Sunday is usually the one day I can sleep in. But the cat woke me up at 5:30, and I’m up early all week anyways, so I got up.

Hubby and the kids slept on. I had the house to myself, and could expect no one needing me for maybe two hours.

I pondered my exercise options. Spin bike, jogging, or wait until later and see how I feel…

Yeah, we all know how option #3 usually goes. That’s essentially the same as saying “Eh, forget it”.

But it was kind of cold and drizzly, and I’ve got this HUGE writing project I’m pounding out, in all my spare time, which isn’t much…

Then I realized that my mind was playing games with me.

Our minds totally do that, don’t they? Keep us inside in our pajamas, warm and cozy, whispering tantalizingly: “Yeah, sip that coffee, you deserve this quiet time to yourself to just sit and relax…”

But wait! I know very well that I feel awful, physically and emotionally awful, if I don’t get my regular exercise fix. I know very well that I feel awful if I sit around and waste the precious free time that I could be exercising. Exercise is my stress-busting, energy-boosting, antidepressant, weight maintenance medicine! And could be everyone’s, except for our minds playing games with us.

But here’s the cool thing: two can play these games. That’s right. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for situations like this.

I told myself: “Oh, I’ll only jog lightly around the block, just so I can say I did. I won’t work hard at all. Just a little fresh air is all…”

And out I went, not even bothering to set up my running playlist or find my headphones. Just quick, out the door, before my mind realized I was playing tricks on it.

Four miles later…

Yup, rocked it! Exceeded my own expectations. Won the mind games.

But we will meet again…

2 thoughts on “Win the Exercise Mind Games”

  • OOH, I love this trick! You are absolutely right! Same here. it is so easy to make excuses…real important excuses; things that HAVE to get done…but like you said, exercising also HAS to get done..and it too is REALLY important. I appreciate the trick you suggested and am going to use it in the next few days because I (my body especially) am tired of the excuses.

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