Breakfast, anyone?

My breakfast was recently featured over on Harvard Health Blog. Seriously, it is my usual breakfast, sitting on my desk. I was inspired to write the post as I’ve had a fair number of patients ask me what I eat, and this very, very simple recipe has been mind-blowing for some people. See, there’s a pervasive belief that things like toast, bagels, and cereals are good breakfast foods, and they are most decidedly not. All those processed carbs cause the blood sugar to spike and then crash, leaving us famished by mid-morning, not to mention that much heavier.

Breakfast should feature plenty of natural fiber (as in, fiber in fruit) and protein, plus some healthy fats. This keeps the blood sugar stable, limits insulin release (which is what ferries energy into fat cells, plumping them up) and keeps us full for longer. Not to mention, colorful fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The more, the better!

I was also psyched to have my homemade no-added-sugar granola recipe published. Check it out!

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