I’m at a loss here. 

It’s August. I did have a few summery, lighthearted posts lined up. 

But then we had serious threats of nuclear warfare with North Korea, and I made the mistake of reading this potentially useful article about how to survive after an atomic bomb detonates near you. “Near” being rather broadly defined. I read it before bed one night last week. Didn’t sleep so well. 

The fact that the citizens of Guam were provided with an actual nuclear missile strike “tip sheet” doesn’t help. 

Then, this weekend. A domestic terrorist attack by Neo-Nazi racist crazies in Virginia. In our country, in 2017, unbelievable. Followed by another pathetically passive yet also egregiously evil response by #45. Can’t even write the name or title. 

Of course I’m worried for our country, and heck, the planet too. Of course I’m worried for my kids, all our children. 

My kids. They’re asleep on either side of me right now. I want to frame these events for them in such a way as to be instructive, and yet also reassuring. But I haven’t figured it out yet, so they’ve been watching, like, Peep and the Big Wide World alot. They paint, and build with Legos. It’s the end of the world when we’ve run out of Pirate’s Booty or the right kind of yogurt. 

Is that good or bad?

I have no answers here. 

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