Real Heroes

Memorial Day is a holiday for honoring those who died for our country, and traditionally, we remember all the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the United States military: real heroes. 

Then, this weekend: the Oregon MAX train attack. A promising college graduate and a twenty- three year Army veteran were slaughtered and a music student was seriously injured when they stepped forward to protect two young women from a violent racist lunatic. Many have made the point that these men stood up and fought for the values and ideals our country was founded upon. Their bravery and sacrifice deserves to be honored as well. 

I agree, and I went searching for some poignant quotes that captured this Memorial Day spirit, the idea that we all have a duty to stand up for freedom, equality, and human rights. These are the core values of our country, and we can’t take them for granted. These are things worth fighting for, and anyone who loses their life in the fight is a real hero. 

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