Oh, the irony

We all have those exercise- obsessed patients who continue training despite illness and injury, which generally doesn’t go well.

How many times have I stood shaking my head at the physically fit, but really sick, athletically- inclined patient, thinking Duh, if you’re feverish and coughing and short of breath, you obviously shouldn’t be working out! Rest and get well, for Goodness’ sake! 


Well, for once I’m taking my own medical advice. Here I am, all alone at home on a slightly overcast spring Saturday, my usual long run day. Hubby took the kids and left me free. 

The weather is temptingly perfect for outdoor activity! It’ll be hours before they’re home! This NEVER happens! I’m freeeeeeee!

But I’m sick. 

Typically on Saturdays, I get up extra- early and go for a healing, rejuvenating solo run. I tweet about it sometimes, as my “Sacred Saturday Morning Solo Run”. 

But not today. Laid up with a cold and some mild wheezing, I’m inside, and I’m not happy about it. 

But the last time I tried to push through respiratory illness, I ended up on a prolonged high- dose steroid taper. Not doing that again. 

So my cloud- like Brooks Ghost 8 running shoes will go unused this week. (As an aside, these are the best sneakers I’ve ever had.)

I’ve been addicted to exercise since my teens, and I know there are people out there who get me. This sucks. 

I guess I’ll clean the house instead (big depressed sigh…)

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