March On

It’s been a month. Meaning thirty days since my last post, and also, a particularly intense stretch of time.

It’s all work-related, but I’m not going to go into details. Our nine-year-old daughter summed it up recently when she announced: “Mom, I really hate your job right now. I mean, I always kind of hate your job, but even YOU hate your job right now. So, why do it if it isn’t fun?”

This morning topped it off: I somehow managed to chip my front tooth while standing in my own kitchen drinking coffee. How? I’ve been exhausted, I’d just dragged myself out of bed, I was spacing out, not paying attention, and the dog startled the cat who startled me just as I was lifting my heavy ceramic mug to sip that first sip of hot very dark roast wake-me-up coffee and crack. Now I have motivation to get over my dentist phobia.

But Spring is in the air. The double-markdown discount bulbs I piled into my cart at Home Depot late last Fall and planted without much hope are actually blooming! The whole family was pleasantly surprised:

The kids were so shocked that these actually grew, they took photos to send around to the extended family LOL!

I’m taking these unexpectedly bright blooms as a sign from God that it’s time to move forward, and use my skills to rediscover the joy in my work life.

Meantime, at home, joys abound:

Seriously, these animals! The new pup cuddles with the old cat! They can’t get any cuter.

…and March, and all the work drama that came with it, can just march on.

http://Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “March On”

  • Well, dang. Beware the coffee mug. Hope your dental woes get fixed soon. Glad your flowers are out and you’re maybe getting your head above water. Hang in there.

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