Vacation Re-set

Vacation Re-set

Just a brief post about vacation, a word that can mean many things to different people. For me, vacation is a break in the routine that allows for a re-set. And this vacation in particular has been a fantastic re-set.

Right now, we are up on the rugged Maine coast, enjoying LOTS of long beach walks, which is super-healthy. The air is fresh and cool along the water, a pleasant respite from the toxic heat wave impacting the entire Northeast, which is lucky. We’re with family, doing fun family stuff, and eating loads of comfort foods around a chaotic family table, and it’s great. We rented a dog-friendly house, so we have our canine companion with us, and he LOVES the beach, which is fantastic. And I have made peace with many aspects of my job and career, which is a relief.

It’s been a re-set in many ways, and a welcome one at that.

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