Vacation Re-set

Just a brief post about vacation, a word that can mean many things to different people. For me, vacation is a break in the routine that allows for a re-set. And this vacation in particular has been a fantastic re-set.

Right now, we are up on the rugged Maine coast, enjoying LOTS of long beach walks, which is super-healthy. The air is fresh and cool along the water, a pleasant respite from the toxic heat wave impacting the entire Northeast, which is lucky. We’re with family, doing fun family stuff, and eating loads of comfort foods around a chaotic family table, and it’s great. We rented a dog-friendly house, so we have our canine companion with us, and he LOVES the beach, which is fantastic. And I have made peace with many aspects of my job and career, which is a relief.

It’s been a re-set in many ways, and a welcome one at that.

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  • Beautiful! It got me thinking: Americans don’t get much paid vacation, don’t take the vacation they get, and when they do, they often use it to catch up on errands. In most comparable rich nations, taking real vacations is seen as basic right, not a luxury. Stress is tightly connected to the immune system and disease processes. ALL of our peer nations have lower rates of disease and longer life expectancies than us, cutting across SES and race, according to the Shorter Lives, Poorer Health report from the National Academies. Could lack of vacation be ONE of the reasons Americans are sicker than other nations? If so, America should consider policy changes. When some people hear “policy change,” they think nanny state vs individual choice/responsibility. Could this be an example of policy change that both right and left might embrace for a healthier/happier nation?

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