Hear My Words: Podcast Roundup

I realized that I’ve been on the radio a lot lately! It’s not my usual medium, but man, these interviews are fun! In every show, the goal is to provide listeners with real, useful, and at times entertaining content:

Constant Wonder (BYU Radio): Of course you know that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” You’ve heard it a million times. But is it true? Is breakfast even necessary? Host Marcus Smith and I discuss how both the cereal industry and the bacon industry helped create the myth of breakfast. We also invented “The Muffin Spectrum”!

Physician’s Guide to Doctoring: Bradley Benjamin MD’s show is geared towards health professionals. We discuss evidence-based good habits development and how to help patients make good habits stick, with a focus on my book, Healthy Habits for Your Heart.

Public Radio Tulsa: John Schumann MD is especially interested in learning what healthy habits I manage to work into my regular day as we chat about Healthy Habits for Your Heart in this lighthearted episode for Studio Tulsa’s Medical Monday.

MDEdge Postcall Podcast “Getting your book published with Monique Tello MD”: Host Nick Andrews and I discuss the nontraditional publishing path of Healthy Habits for Your Heart. “This week, Dr. Tello talks about how she got her new book published and how you can, too.”

MDEdge Postcall Podcast “Bullied by Antivaxxers”: “Anti-vaccination protesters targeted Monique A. Tello, MD, MPH (http://bit.ly/2QSYMoB), in late summer 2018 by leaving bad online ratings and writing false and defamatory comments in her online profiles. Dr. Tello wrote about her experience in a blog post (http://bit.ly/2FyR1Dd) where she opened up about how difficult the process has been, and how she has found support in a community of her colleagues.”

The GetHealthy 360 podcast: Host Kris Ferguson MD and I chat about Healthy Habits for Your Heart and how to make lasting positive lifestyle changes on his informal and in depth health podcast.

Photo by Jason Rosewell for Unsplash

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