All Kinds of Stress Tests

Today, I’m sharing a post written by Hubby about his recent health scare and hospital admission: My Weekend Stress Relief . Here is how it begins:

“The simple pleasures in this life start most days with the morning paper and the first pour of fresh-brewed coffee. Never have I enjoyed that initial sip more than Tuesday, after stepping into the brisk air to grab The Boston Globe from our sidewalk.  It was the first time I’d gone through the front door since being carried out by paramedics roughly 75 hours earlier.”

I will add, he glosses over the initial crisis in this piece, probably because he was unconscious for all several minutes of it. I don’t call 911 lightly!

But when a healthy man trots up the stairs and then keels over, remains unresponsive for several minutes, then stops breathing, turns gray, and stiffens, you call 911. Which is what I did. Read the story to find out what happened.

Oh, and here’s the abnormal EKG everyone was concerned about. Apparently this is a pattern that can be seen with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy:

Also, I want to add apologies to my readers: Yes, there’s been a significant delay between posts. There are good reasons: My own prolonged flu-like illness and asthma exacerbation, our little family vacation to cross-country ski country, my division grand rounds presentation, and then Hubby’s health scare.

It’s been alot of stress, a stress test, of sorts, for all of us! But hopefully this piece can serve to reset the posting cycle.

5 thoughts on “All Kinds of Stress Tests”

  • What a time you and your family have been through Monique! Thanks for sharing and sending continued well wishes.

  • That would be quite a scare! I read your husband’s story. Has he got a diagnosis yet? Sometimes the fittest people give the most challenges to figuring out what is wrong as they don’t fit the typical patient mold.

    • Thanks Scott! Yes it’s a mystery, but all tests are reassuring. So far it looks like he’s just got an athletic heart, baseline low heart rate, and a wacky ekg.

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