Your Local Farmer’s Market Strategy

Yes the produce and products at a farmers market are fresh and beautiful and healthy… and expensive.

I want my family to enjoy the local bounty, but without busting our budget.

So we have a strategy:

Twenty bucks. That’s our farmer’s market allowance. The kids get the full experience: they wander the stalls, see what comes into season, soak in the sights and sounds and smells… They live for Thursday afternoons! Many of the vendors know their names now, which is heartwarming.

We usually leave with natural plain yogurt, freshly baked rolls, a few pounds of produce, and maybe honey sticks or maple candy.

Last week’s produce: gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and giant peaches. We get the email newsletter for our local farmer’s market, and this week features sweet corn!

Make a visit to the farmer’s market, it’s a win/win for you and the local economy.

Find the one closest to you at the USDA National Farmer’s Market Directory.

*All images from Unsplash

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