Birthday Wishes

It really is my birthday. Yesterday during the Pats game (yes, during, because the game was pretty painful to watch), my family threw me a party with a homemade apple pie (thanks, bro) and a beautiful strawberry shortcake from Montilio’s (thanks Mom)!

As I blew out the candles, I thought two things: One, that I was breaking all the COVID-19 rules by exhaling my germs all over the cake, and Two, I already have everything I could ever wish for.

I’m thinking alot about wishes because right now in our house we’re reading this really excellent children’s book called Wish by Barbara O’Connor, and the main character is a little girl in a foster family situation who makes the same wish every single day. We don’t know what the wish is yet, but damn, the writing is so strong and the story is so relevant and poignant and real, I had to give it my recommendation somehow.

But this birthday was really special. Hubby and I even had a real date night this weekend, where he gave me these beautiful roses, we ordered fancy takeout, and watched a real movie. A movie that was most definitely not a kids’ movie, but one that I would like them to see someday: A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Wow, powerful. I suspect that Hubby and I were the last people on earth who hadn’t already seen it, but for anyone who hasn’t, I give it my highest recommendation!

Kitty thinks my birthday roses are beautiful, too!

But my gift to myself was squishing in this amazing workout yesterday between Zoom church and the football game/ birthday party. See, two years ago, I bought myself the Peloton bike for my birthday. I used the money from my book advance, and it was worth every penny. Hubby was super-skeptical of The Bike That Goes Nowhere, but now he’s as into it as I am! My usual fave instructor is Robin Arzon, F-bombs and tattoos and all, and my usual M.O. is to squish in a ride from the on-demand archives. My life is too busy to schedule in a live ride.

But yesterday, I logged in and did the Sundays with Love live ride with Ally Love, and it was truly enjoyable. So heartwarming, uplifting, and mood-swinging. In a good way. I did not break any records, and I barely burned enough calories to account for one of those pieces of pie:

But I did it, despite numerous interruptions from my kids. You could say, I persisted!

This morning, my daughter woke me up at the crack of dawn, and then our puppy started stirring, and that was that, time to get up. Happy birthday to me. But really, I’m even thankful for that, because who can’t love this puppy dog? Even when we’re out walking first thing in the morning and it’s chilly out and it’s my birthday and I’d rather sleep in:

Me and Obi. AND many thanks to my Aunt Lindy for the RBG facemask!

So, Happy Birthday to me, and I even brought pies and fruit salad in to work so everyone can celebrate! (Store-bought, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Enjoy your day, too! (Back to more serious, medically-related posts soon, I swear!)

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