Hell Hath No Fury…

This pictured quote has unleashed a (quite justified) fury. A fury that started with a simple post in a physician mom’s Facebook group on Friday, and then exploded: this is now being covered by CNN, The Washington Post, and Huffpost, among others.

Here’s what started it all: An opinion on the gender pay gap in medicine by Texas physician Dr. Gary Tigges, which he sent in an email to the editors of the Dallas Medical Journal and was published this month:

A fellow physician-Mom (who happens to be a badass trauma surgeon as well) wrote an excellent, solidly researched article outlining the chronology of this uproar as well as a summary of the evidence on physician salary inequity titled “Denial Of Pay Gap Makes Women Physicians Roar”. A very good read, and will bring you completely up to date on this whole timely topic in five minutes.

But if you only want the briefest summary of everything: The gender pay gap in medicine has been well-studied. It’s very real, even after correcting for maternity leave and hours worked. We know why it exists. And yet it persists, largely because of nincompoops like this guy.

Well, Dr. Tigges is learning that Hell really and truly hath no fury like that of a woman scorned… except maybe 75,000 hard-ass working women who are smart, social-media savvy, and so sick of this shit.

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