Let Us Arm Ourselves…

It makes me sick. Sick that it’s happened again, that it happens every day, and that there are any questions at all about what’s going on.

Though research on this particular public health problem has been (and continues to be) suppressed, investigators have persisted. There are mountains of peer-reviewed publications, guidelines, health policy position statements, and physician editorials available to inform the uninformed and fortify the knowledgeable.

Here are an assortment of evidence-based resources, including examples of research articles on specific topics (there are scads more).

Let us arm ourselves with the facts.

Annals of Internal Medicine database of firearm-related content, free

A study of the effect of domestic violence- related firearm laws on domestic violence homicides in the United States

The relationship between access to firearms and risk of death by suicide or homicide

The risks and benefits of having a gun in the home

American College of Physicians evidence-based guidelines on reducing gun-related injuries and deaths in the US

Firearm statistics – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute

Firearm statistics – Harvard Injury Control Research Center

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