Finally… An entire book by and for doctor-moms (& applicable to all working moms)

I’m extremely proud to announce that the Mothers in Medicine book is now available for ordering on Amazon as well as from Springer publishing!*

This comprehensive work represents a massive effort by physician- mom and editor at the Mothers in Medicine blog Katherine Chretien, as well as group of contributing authors (including me), and features an amazing forward by physician-author Danielle Ofri.

The book synopsis from Springer publishing:

Women are entering medical school in equal numbers as men, yet still face unique challenges in a profession where, overall, male physicians outnumber female physicians 3 to 1. Women in medicine also face decisions such as when to have a child during training and often struggle with work-life balance. This book features real stories and advice from mothers in medicine at all stages of training from medical student to practicing physician and addresses the topics that shape the lives, joys, and challenges of women in medicine today. The book is based on the best posts and wisdom shared on the Mothers in Medicine blog, which was established in 2008 by the editor and has published over 1500 posts and has over 4.8 million page views to date.    

The book is organized by themes that are unique to the physician-mother: career decisions, having children during training, navigating life challenges, practice issues, and work-life balance. Each chapter features an excerpt from the blog followed by an honest discussion of the key considerations, guidelines, and tips as related to each topic in the conversational, personal tone of the blog. The book concludes with a chapter that features the most popular questions posted on the Mothers in Medicine blog and a summary of the responses received from the community of readers. Mothers in Medicine: Career, Practice, and Life Lessons Learned is a valuable and contemporary resource for pre-medical students, medical students, residents, and physicians. “

I wrote Chapter 4: Being a Mother in Medicine in Practice, which focuses on all things practical and logistical. I hope that this chapter, and the whole book really, can prove to be useful to doctors and other working women as they plan or navigate their work and their lives.

*And please note, this is an academic publication, which means that we were well-aware that there was no potential for any profit here. MAYBE a free copy of the book. Maybe. So, please know that no one will encourage you to purchase this book because they hope to financially benefit! We only hope that it will help your life.

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