The Revolutionary New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost 2018. Per data from Google searches and Twitter trends, hundreds of thousands of people are committing  to change something about themselves.

Of course there’s the usual health-oriented ones like Exercise more, Eat healthy, Lose weight, Drink less, Quit smoking. And the practical Save more/ Spend less. I’m heartened to see Be a better person and Be a better friend near the top, as well as Read more and Learn something new.

But I’d like to throw in Be thankful.

Be thankful for being alive, and for being who we already are. Be thankful for what we already have, and for the people in our lives.

Be thankful: It’s so easy, but also so easy to forget. Sadly, it’s often a tragedy or crisis that reminds us. This week, a wonderful family near us lost a loved one. The sudden and unexpected tragedy sent a shock wave through our community. In the days since, we’ve seen friends and family pour on the support. Their house is overflowing with food and love. Neighbors have banded together and organized to help. Others are asking what they can do and offering their assistance, as well. Voices are softer. Everyone’s being more tolerant, accepting, and patient.

Hug your kids, people murmur, You never know what will happen.

In our house, Hubby and I have been very gentle with the kids. They’re being (a little) gentler with each other. It’s so much better, calmer. And all that’s changed is we’ve been reminded to be thankful for each other.

This is just a general truth: When we reflect on all that we have, we feel happier. If we focus on what we don’t have, we’re sad. Gratitude is essentially the ideal upper: more powerful than any drug, and without side effects.

This New Year, I resolve to be thankful. Thankful for the life I have, and for all the people around me. And especially thankful for you, dear reader.

Happy New Year.


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


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