Sharing a pediatrician’s post: Breast is Best…Unless it’s Not

Oh, man, did I struggle with breastfeeding. I’ve written about my personal pain, struggle, and small temporary success, and I’ve reflected on the whole experience.

Yes, breast milk is definitely, without a doubt, the healthiest option for an infant… when there is that option. For those moms who are struggling, the pressure and judgment of the breastfeeding lobby is not only unhelpful, it can be harmful. Every pediatrician has seen underfed, dehydrated and malnourished infants, victims of this sometimes overwhelming pressure to ONLY breastfeed and NEVER give a bottle.

For those who haven’t had breastfeeding issues, wonderful! Good for you! You have my admiration and support.

Here is an excellent, evidence-based, thoughtful article all about breastfeeding (seriously… this is amazingly informative) by Kristen Stuppy, MD, a practicing pediatrician and it’s titled Breast is Best… Unless it’s Not.

Her blog Quest for Health covers a ton of pediatric topics and is really useful. Check it out!

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