My Weekend Off: Journal of a Doctor- Mom 

Yes, a post is overdue. Yes, I have an excuse. Some sort of respiratory thing. What, exactly, is beyond me. Allergic vs viral vs bacterial and leaning towards the first, treating as such. Ergo, I’m not so sick as much as drugged. Non- drowsy antihistamines my ass. 

My eye:

Still, enjoyed the weekend. Friday evening, I was Hubby’s date for a book signing featuring liberal written-word dragonslayer Maureen Dowd. Listened, laughed, and became increasingly anxious as she painted the picture of Washington, from the inside. “No, really, who is running the ship?” queried an audience member. “Well, I don’t want to scare you, but actually, no one.”

Saturday morning, after missing the kids’ horseback riding lesson due to an unexpected traffic jam, Hubby and I cleaned and reorganized our garage. Then, I took Babygirl on a lovely jog to the duck pond and back. Thankful that she’s so little because she still fits in the jog stroller. Worried that she’s so little because the greedy geese are almost as big as she is:

And we went swimming at the YMCA, saw friends, and hosted a family BBQ…

But actually, the one thing we really did this weekend was Legos. Babyboy got his early birthday gift, this highly coveted “expert” set, and most of everyone’s waking hours was spent building. It’s brilliant, so intricate. A film-noir inspired city building featuring a private eye’s office, a seedy pool hall, a barber shop, and the Lady in Red’s apartment:

Seriously. This project consumed us. Lucky we love Legos. 

And that’s it folks, my fuzzy foggy brain can’t turn out much more than what is basically the weekend diary of a very congested, slightly irritable not-on-call doctor- mom. 

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