The Truth Behind Happy Cutesy Facebook Posts

It’s school vacation week, and I spent yesterday with the kids. Last night, I posted this on my personal Facebook page:

Within moments, someone posted: 


Which is totally cool. But I immediately felt bad, like a successful, yet conscientious, con artist. 

Because while it is absolutely true that we did all of those things, and more (we had volunteered in the cat room at our local animal shelter that morning), it definitely was not all post- able. As a matter of fact, it got downright ugly at times. 

I wondered if I should come clean, and share some of what REALLY happened on our glorious foray into the city. 

So I posted a reply: 

“Lol they bolted from me in the market and I had to chase them down. We fled the aquarium because it was so crowded. Gio hated the movie and lay on the ground in front of his seat for most of it. The only way I could get Maria to walk back to the car was bribery (a huge lollipop). It took over half an hour just to get out of the garage because only one attendant was working. The kids took off their shoes in the car and it was a battle in the library parking lot to get them back on so we could enter. In summary- not as impressive as it appears! But still fun :)”

I felt much better afterwards. 

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