A Working Mom Faces Monday With Mixed Feelings

It’s the Monday after school vacation week, and here I am boarding my train, bound for downtown and my clinic.

Part of me is elated! Doctoring is, weirdly, the easier half of my existence. It’s a  challenging and rewarding career for which I feel well-suited, and our clinic is a particularly working-mom-friendly environment.

But part of me is kind of depressed.

Foremost on my mind is my cousin John Vincent, who is still missing. This is a constant sobering concern, and honestly, a 27/7 reminder to appreciate our loved ones and remember what’s really important, always.

Keeping that sentiment in mind, the two-and-a-half days I took off to be with my kids last week were truly enjoyable.  Coming off of literally months of one or most of us sick sick sick, we were finally able to be out and about. We had had nothing planned because we weren’t sure we’d be healthy enough to do anything. Plus, Hubby and I had work obligations. So we stayed local.And the weather was spring in February!

Tuesday, Hubby took the kids on a morning Science museum outing, and then brought them to my practice afterwards.

I had just wrapped up my morning clinic session. Babygirl came running at me, yelling “Mommy! Mommy! I can’t believe this is your office!”

I was still wearing my long white coat and stethoscope, and I scooped her up in my arms and we hugged, me tearing up, and her giggling.  Babyboy was shy, reticent, awkward.

We did a little tour, complete with purple polyurethane glove balloons, courtesy of my medical assistant. The kids were thrilled; no need to take them anywhere else that day. We all drove home together.

Now, time to get back into a regular work and school schedule….

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