Tactile Anxiolytics, Anyone?

The kittens are almost five weeks old, and  just so damn cute. Research has shown that having pets is associated with a healthy decrease in blood pressure, and I believe it. As crazy as my days are, and as tired as I am by nightfall, I’ve got to take some time to cuddle and play with our furry friends. It’s just good for me. This post is basically an excuse to post adorable kitten photos: 

3 thoughts on “Tactile Anxiolytics, Anyone?”

  • Oh, my, how wonderful for cuddling! On a related theme — I keep thinking that at some point, I want to volunteer to hold preemie babies in the NICU and sing to them. I read about some hospital programs that run that type of program because the human physical and vocal contact is healing. I bet it’s as healing for the volunteers as for the babies.

    • Hi Lara- the NICU babies need people like you!! When I was a resident in med/Peds, and rotating through neonatal intensive care, there were a few times – very few- when I had down time, late in the night. There was a baby there for well over a year who I would rock sometimes, because she had no family coming in. Some of my colleagues, and even nurses thought that was odd. no other docs did that, as far as I know. But it was worth the questioning glances, for me as well as the baby, I’m sure! One of my only good memories from residency, as well.

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