The Icing On The Cake

It’s my only free hour of the weekend to get in a post. But- what to write about? I asked Hubby for some ideas, and he effortlessly rattled off multiple potential topics based on our week:

Babyboy lost his first tooth, and it was only at ten p.m. that we realized neither of us had any cash whatsoever. Hubby had to scrounge for toll money in our cars so the Tooth Fairy could show up.

I’ve had some difficult conversations at work, with both patients and colleagues. Sensitive topics like narcotics prescribing and end-of-life care planning  went up against annoying ones like electronic medical record glitches and practice financial problems.

Clinic was tough. Nothing was easy. Every single time I thought I had a straightforward case (Yay! A sinus infection!) the patient would mention something like, “And, I’ve been having this stabbing pain in my chest when I walk…”

Bedtimes have become especially difficult. Again. The kids have been up way too late, Hubby and I have lost out tempers, and we’re all exhausted.

The kids have been enrolled in piano lessons for a month now. Babygirl had been enthusiastic, but now, is uncooperative. We don’t know if she’s too young, or if the teacher is too boring. Many conversations back and forth with the music school about this all week. Plan: Try a new instructor, the one with the blue hair.

I’m still obsessed with our pregnant cat. She is still pregnant. It’s driving me crazy. I’m driving Hubby crazy.

We had a teasing situation at Babyboy’s school, and we were relieved and impressed that all parties involved handled it well.


The weather’s been insane. We awoke to a veritable blizzard today, a Sunday. Hubby had to work, so the kids and I hunkered down and baked a gorgeous spring cake. They cracked the eggs and mixed the batter, then chose the frosting colors and design:

Creating brightness and light on a dreary day: Best theme of the week
Creating brightness and light on a dreary day: Best theme of the week

And, that’s the icing on the short version of our week.

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  • Outpatient palliative care clinic, last week – “I need my refills. Oh, and I get this pain in my chest when I walk”. Substernal chest pain with minimal exertion, associated with diaphoresis and dyspnea, in a patient who is being treated for a curable cancer. Made me really really glad that agenda-setting is so automatic that I do it no matter what kind of appointment it is.

    And it turned out it wasn’t angina but a PE. A LARGE PE. Which wasn’t in my differential, so now I feel stupid, even though I did the right thing and even though I found out about the PE when the patient saw me in the hallway of the hospital and said “Dr Jay! You saved my life!” Which was not something I expected to hear again in my career.

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