A Better Bedtime?

Hubby and I agreed that we need to get a better handle on the kids’ bedtime. It was after nine, and the kids were finally in bed, but still awake, protesting: Babyboy wanted someone to cuddle with him, and Babygirl wanted someone to rock her.  

“They need to learn how to fall asleep on their own,” I declared. 

“Absolutely, they’re old enough now,” Hubby agreed. 

We vowed we would be strong. 

Hubby stayed downstairs to clean the kitchen and make the lunches. I went upstairs and ordered the kids to stop begging and whining because it wasn’t going to work. I ignored the pleas and whimpering and flopped onto our bed to peruse Facebook. 

And then, I saw this:

The caption describes: This is a little girl in an orphanage in Iraq. She drew this picture on the floor. Then, she carefully took off her shoes, curled up, and fell asleep on her mother’s chest. 

Babyboy got his cuddles, and Babygirl was rocked to sleep. 

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