The Infinite Wisdom of a Five-Year-Old

Hubby has to travel for a few days. This morning, he bustled about sorting last-minute laundry and lugging his suitcase up from the basement, while Babyboy moped.

Babyboy especially misses his daddy, and bedtime goodnight Facetime calls usually end with all of us in tears as Babyboy implores:

“Please Daddy, can you come home tonight so you can be here when I wake up tomorrow morning? Can you, please?”

It’s Palm Sunday, and the plan had been that I would take both kids to church while Hubby got his act together before his afternoon flight. Of course, Babyboy preferred to stay home with his daddy.

“It’s important that you go to church,” Hubby explained. “You need to go to church so you can tell God ‘Thanks’. It’s very important to tell God how much we appreciate all that we have.”

Babyboy considered this, but offered his reasoning, very serious and logical:

“Daddy, we can do that from home. God sees and hears everything, so we can say thanks right from here. We don’t really need to go to church.”

Oh, we laughed.

And Babyboy was thrilled to help daddy pack, while Babygirl and I went to church.

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