Someone In Our House Is Pregnant… And It’s Not Me

The stages of cat pregnancy from embryo to full-term

When our big old lovey cat Raffy passed away two months ago, his best buddy Leo was bereft. The poor thing was up at night wandering the house, yowling, then moping about all day… Then, the kids were begging us…

We had to adopt another kitty.

We wanted a cat that was likely to get along with Leo, so we started looking for a young, female cat at the local animal shelters.

I volunteer at our own town’s small shelter, but there were no young female cats. So, we ended up adopting from a different shelter in a neighboring town.

Babygirl came with me to check out the selection. Little Kitty was an adorable petite little one-and-a-half-year-old tabby fluffball, sweet and friendly with me and Babygirl. And so, Little Kitty came home with us a few days later.

The shelter staff were “90% sure” that she was spayed, but asked us to monitor her for signs of heat, just in case.

Well. In the three weeks we’ve had her, what I’ve noticed is:

  1. She eats ANYTHING and ALOT of it, for such a petite little thing
  2. Her belly is getting awfully big
  3. Her nipples are starting to get large and bright pink
  4. There are prominent blood vessels around the nipples

So, I brought her to our vet today.

The vet is “90% sure” that she’s pregnant. And, she has worms.


She offered to order an ultrasound, but I would have to take Kitty to another facility, and after being prodded and dosed with dewormer, she’d had enough of it. So, I brought her home, fed her, and she’s sleeping it all off:


Personally, I’m thrilled. The kids are over the moon. I hope it continues to be a healthy pregnancy, and we’ll happily see her through delivery and lactation too.

And then, we’ll have her spayed!

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