Another Death That Hits Close To Home

In June, 2011, our niece Katie Socci was murdered. She was a clever, funny, and loving soul, admired as an amazing mother to a then eighteen-month-old toddler, while working full-time as an intensive care unit nurse. She was murdered by her ex-fiance, the day after she had filed a restraining order against him.

Katie was a healthcare provider surrounded by healthcare providers: she counted many doctors and nurses among her friends, family, and colleagues. And yet, none of us were able to save her. I personally did not recognize the obvious signs of escalating violence, which breaks my heart, still, today. I have shared Katie’s story here and here.

Ashamed, I realized that I was not adequately screening for domestic violence in my own patients. I changed the way I asked the questions, and not even a week afterwards, identified an alarming case, involving a newly divorced female physician .

But it goes on and on. This weekend, a female physician and mother in San Antonio, Texas was murdered by her husband. The story is chilling, and unfortunately, not unique. Esther Choo, M.D. has written a powerful essay and call to action about this that was originally posted at FenInEM. It was picked up by Kevin, M.D., link below:

A female physician is murdered. A call to action to end intimate partner abuse.

I was going to say that it’s important for all healthcare providers to read this, but truly, it’s important for all of us to read this.

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