I’m Such A Jerk

Thursday is my day off of clinic, and so I’m on kid school drop-off-and-pickup duty. This really stresses me out, as there is only a certain window of time in which to get Babyboy to his school. Once they close the doors, you have to go through the front office, which involves a process: you have to show I.D., sign in, get a name tag, and then walk him to his class… LOTS of extra time, and by then, Babygirl would be late to HER school, so… I really try to get him there within that window. Further complicating matters, is the lack of parking, and just total general chaos.

The school has been trying to improve the flow of traffic, and so they’ve made the small front parking lot one-way during pickup and drop off. Meaning, you can only enter at one side and exit at the other.

This morning, as I drove up to the lot, I could see an open space. Score! But it was closer to the “exit” side of the lot. Me, I’m a dorky rule-follower, so I did the right thing and drove past the “exit” side and went around to the “enter” side.

Meantime, just as I was getting close to the spot, with my blinker on, a car barrels in through the “exit” and starts to pull into the space, right in front of me.

Now, I’m a God-loving person, a physician, and a mother, AND I had my five-year-old and three-year-old in the car. But the expletive phrase that came out of my mouth at that instant… Well. It wasn’t What the fudge.

Along with my howling WTF!!! , I threw a withering look at the culprit, and my hands up in frustration.

And, the other car stopped. Then slowly backed out of the spot, and drove past me.

As it went by I realized that it was the elderly grandmother of another child at Babyboy’s school.

She looked a little shocked.

I felt really bad. After all, I try to never, ever behave like that, for many reasons:

Number one, is it’s a bad example for my kids. Luckily, I think I bit my tongue before the full F-word escaped. Still, inexcusable.

Two, is that there usually is no malicious intent by the other person, only misunderstanding. This lady was probably totally confused by the whole new one-way-but-only-at-certain-times thing.

Three, is that you never know when you’re going to run into that person again…

As I walked Babyboy to the school entrance, I saw the poor lady up ahead, walking with her grandson.

I could have gone up to her and apologized. I could have made eye contact and smiled and shrugged and said, “Oops! Sorry, I was just a little stressed this morning, apologies!”

But, I was carrying Babygirl and trying to reassure Babyboy that yes, I was going to pick him up later and yes, we could go to the Farmer’s market… Also, I just felt too awkward and unsure. I ended up just staying a few steps back and to the side, so as to completely avoid any chance of communication.

Now I feel like such as jerk.

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  • An experience I am sure we have all had, but many would not admitt to. “Stuff happens”, you can apologize next time you see her. She will most likely tell you she is sorry too!

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