365 Days Of Potty Training

It was July 29, 2014 that I wrote about our first weekend attempt to get Babyboy out of diapers.  We used an excellent book on toilet training for autistic children called Ready, Set, Potty by Brenda Batts that was quite helpful. Babyboy did very well, and used the potty or toilet pretty perfectly… for a few weeks.

Then, he got sick, a prolonged respiratory thing, and he regressed. Completely. We let it slide, because he was so sick for so long. But when he got well, he was defiantly anti-potty. We tried again and again, but gave up after countless messes. We would literally run out of underwear and clothes. It’s been  SO frustrating.

Babyboy is now five years old. He’ll be going to kindergarten! We HAVE to get him out of diapers.

What’s more, Babygirl is three and a half, and we know she can do this.

So, I took a vacation day last Friday, and we tried again. This time, Hubby, Nana and I decided we would train both kids at the same time, and we would NOT back down.

Hubby is somewhat of an artist, and he drew pictures similar to the ones below. We filled a bowl with small candy prizes, similar to past attempts.

But, one new tactic: If anyone had an accident, they had to go “bottomless” until they could use the potty successfully. This proved to be the clutch motivator for Babyboy. He HATED being nekked from the waist down, even in the privacy of home.

And, as Babygirl really grasped the concept rather quickly, he saw how much positive attention and praise she was getting, and we think that was also a motivator.

We had many, many accidents the first two days. We stuck close to home and we stuck to our guns. (SO glad we have the “super-sanitary” cycle on the washing machine… ) Sunday was better.

Monday, Hubby dropped them both at “summer camp”.  They’re doing four weeks of full days at Babygirl’s private preschool, which is familiar to Babyboy (and better yet, they are familiar with him). We’ve been talking this up for weeks, that they were going to camp, that most of the kids in their groups would be using the toilet (which is true), and they they needed to as well.

That Monday morning drop-off was tough. Babyboy flipped out. He wouldn’t let Hubby leave… But, a classmate of his from special ed was in his group, and one of Babygirl’s former teachers who he recognized was his group leader. They put Babygirl in his group, initially, as well. With all of these familiar faces, he calmed down.

The report at the end of the day? He ended up having a great time, and he had NO accidents, at school or at Nana’s after school. No messes, until he got home… Big mess. Oh well.

Today went similarly well, with only one accident; Babyboy, at home again.

Babygirl has got the hang of it. She’s in love with her Disney Princess underwear. Babyboy has almost got it. He’s developing a pride in this new skill that everyone’s so excited about. Both of them have. They’ve been announcing to family, friends and neighbors:  “I did poopie and peepee on the potty today!” They’re relishing the praise and the high-fives.

We hope it lasts this time. But, we don’t have any daytime diapers left, so, unless we break down and buy another box, we’re done with diapers… Done with diapers… It’s like, a dreamy mantra. Done with diapers…after 365 days…   potty-training-autism

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  • Hooray! congratulations to all of you! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it sticks. I like the approach of not buying another box of diapers. You won’t have to do any fancy acting if a kid wants a diaper and you need to say, “sorry, I don’t have any.”

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