A Child’s Eye View…

It always amazes me how quickly our kids master our technical gear. I only just succumbed to the iPhone a couple of years ago, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to feel comfortable with the basic functions. These kids, these preschoolers, they get it in a matter of seconds.

One recent afternoon, Babygirl and I were sitting out in our backyard, and she asked me for my phone. I want to take some pictures, she said. So, I let her.

Both our kids love to take photos. Babyboy has fascinations. He’ll take many shots of one thing that he’s into at that moment, different angles and views and examples. It’s been garbage cans, electric meters, my mom’s cat, soda cans, the manta ray at the aquarium…

Babygirl’s thing is the close-up. She loves to see things magnified. Often, she photographs her animal figurines: Big, huge, in-your-face ponies and horses.

But this afternoon, she was captivated by the things right around us. She walked around the yard and took these (below) fairly sequentially. Snapshots that reveal a child’s eye view of our little space.

It’s so cool to see what they see. I’ve been “curating” all their little photo shoots and saving them, with the idea that I’ll make albums for them at the end of the year. This is what you found interesting and important and beautiful, when you were this old. 


IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3892 IMG_3893 IMG_3894 IMG_3900



2 thoughts on “A Child’s Eye View…”

  • those are great! mine still can’t figure out how to take pictures (Even my 5 year old!), maybe I need to let them practice more on my phone

  • I bet they would get into it- but if not, don’t worry– Neither my 5 y/o nor my 3 y/o are anywhere near potty-trained… I’d rather they were out of diapers than taking great photos on the iPhone!

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