Don’t Mess With Mother Nature…

Sometimes, we humans need to be put in our place, and made to feel small. Whatever power you believe in, be it God, Mother Nature, Gaia, or unnamed energy field, he/she/it is seriously messing with us.

I am very thankful that I was able to stay home today, because we have another 24 inches of snow in our town, and it’s still snowing. That’s about 76 inches of snow in less than three weeks.  Hubby and I, like everyone else in the region, have done a whole lot of shoveling. The kids got out and played, especially Babyboy. He loves climbing snow mountains.

Many folks had to go in to work, and have to go in tomorrow too. God speed and stay safe. Me, my practice was closed by the Powers That Be. Meaning, the hospital administration. More snow is falling, and thus, Hubby and I will enjoy another day with the kids, and shoveling. Honestly, even though I’ve got this right cervical radiculopathy, and I’ve had to substract vacation days and add sessions in to accommodate all these patients, I feel completely grateful. Hubby is home, there’s milk/eggs/ bread in the fridge, and we’re all safe.

I’m hearing that another snowstorm or two is headed our way before the end of the week. I’m sure there will be plenty more thankfulness (and snow photos) before then…


No bulldozer was used to help make this mountain of snow over at Nana's. Nana made this mound of snow over at Nana's.
This photo was taken Sunday morning BEFORE the most recent foot of snow fell. No bulldozer was used to help make this mountain of snow over at Nana’s. Nana made this mound of snow over at Nana’s. 

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