Better Bedtimes

With Hubby away this week, and me coughing, coughing, coughing (again), we’ve slid into a bit of survival mode here at home. I have extremely low expectations for housecleaning and routines. The place is cluttered, the laundry pile is growing, and the kids are eating whatever.

But, weirdly, bedtimes have gone smoothly.

Bedtime is typically a bit of a battle, with me generally resorting to reading endless books until the kids fall asleep way too late. This week, it’s been a cinch.

The first night Hubby was away was the night of the snowstorm. I was late from work, late picking up the kids from Nana’s, and thus late getting them to bed. That night, out of exhaustion and stress and the hour, I abandoned any attempt to get the kids down in their own rooms. I simply pushed our bed up against the wall and placed pillows and soft stuffed animals all around. The kids were happy to get into pajamas, hop up and snuggle with me. We read two books, turned out the light, called Daddy to say good nights, and they fell asleep. Easy! I assumed it was because it was so late (almost 10 p.m.) and they were plumb done.

But, that’s what we’ve done every night since, and, at a decent hour. We’ve had a stretch of 7:30 p.m. asleep times, which totally crazy early for us. Yes, a normal kids’ bedtime for the rest of the country, but generally an unsuccessful struggle for us. Pajamas, a couple of books, lights out, call Daddy, fall asleep.

Maybe the kids have been tuckered out by the cold and playing in the snow. Or maybe they really like the snuggling/ reading/ lights out/ goodnight Daddy routine. Maybe they’re extra comforted by falling asleep in our bed, next to each other. Maybe tonight it will all fall apart.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been enjoying the extra time in the evenings to catch up on work stuff, and even to study for the boards. I’m chipping away at the laundry. House is still a mess, but hey, I’m sick and have had to get to bed relatively early myself. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to get some sleep… and thankful for Nyquil, too.

Additional thanks go out to J.B. who took my scheduled call this weekend: If I was on call right now, I’d be miserable. SO appreciated. I’ll repay you…. after football season.

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