“And a plague will be cast upon your people…”

It’s one illness after the other for our little family. I was sick alot as a resident, and again when I was commuting to work on the T… but those times were nothing compared to the past few months with two kids in school…

Of course the GI bug we all had for Thanksgiving was likely aquired in Guatemala, courtesy of an adorable little girl that Babygirl played with one day. A similar GI bug went around their schools this fall, so it may as well have been aquired here…

We had just all got back to normal from the GI thing, for about a day at least, when Babygirl came home from school  with a snotty nose. Now she’s been up at 3 a.m. coughing and crying for a few nights. Yesterday Babyboy and I got it, and I was miserable at work, and then miserable at a fundraiser (who schedules a fundraiser for a Tuesday night?) while he was up at 3 a.m. last night coughing and crying.

Then, as I was seeing my last patient of the morning today, I got a call from Babyboy’s school nurse: he was coughing AND vomiting.

I was at work downtown, Hubby was at work in the southern part of the state, and Babyboy needed to be picked up… Thank goodness (again) that Nana lives close by and was available to swoop down and save the day.

Babyboy dry-heaved for awhile, then fell asleep on Nana’s couch.

I’m waiting for a STAT imaging study on a sick patient before I leave work; I just need to be able to triage this poor patient before I get all caught up in sick kid care…

As I sniffle and cough, checking over and over again for a read on said imaging study.

Sigh… It’s not that big a deal, though I hate to see Babyboy in GI distress, he gets so… distressed. It’s sad. Hoping it’s just gagging on mucous, and not pneumonia or Whooping cough (they had a case at his school, though he is immunized and should be OK).

We shall see…

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  • We’ve just been through two weeks of cough/sore throat/flu-y symptoms in everyone but the baby. And we all got flu shots as well! Hope your family is better soon!

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