Prayers For A Child

Last night, I had sketched out a funny post I was going to write today.

But this morning I heard from a very close friend, a doctor and a mom, whose toddler son has had a terrible accident, and I can’t think of anything else, and I can’t NOT do anything… I feel I have to do something. And so, I’m soliciting prayers.

They were vacationing, and he tripped and fell into a firepit. The flames had been extinguished, but the embers and ashes were hot. She got him under cold running water immediately, but she could see that it was very serious. She told me, “I saw horrors that no mother should ever see.” He suffered third degree burns to his hands and arms, and lesser burns to his face, where the ashes splashed up.

She and her son were airlifted to a regional burn center, and he has had the first of multiple surgeries as they try to save his fingers and hands. I have spoken to her, and she sounds so very strong, as they plan for exploratory surgery on his upper extremities every 48 hours for the foreseeable future. She describes that he has had excellent emergency care and is at a top-notch burn center.

They were on vacation with family, and they are far from their home. Their child will likely need to stay where he is for several weeks before they can consider transfer. So they are not only dealing with this, but they are working at figuring out heaps of logistics. Luckily they have a large family who are caring for their older preschool child while they stay at the hospital with their injured toddler. As she says, “We’re taking it day by day.”

They believe very much in the power of prayer, as do I. Call it what you will: prayer, the power of positive thinking, meditation focus, positive energy… It works.

If you can: Pray that this precious little boy heals well and without fear or pain; that he recovers the use of his adorable baby hands; that his family continues to manage and be well-supported.

Things like this can happen to anyone in an instant… I pray that I can be as strong as my friend is, if I am called upon to be so.

2 thoughts on “Prayers For A Child”

  • I pray for total and complete healing of this precious child. May God relieve his pain completely and may he never have issues as a result of this accident. I also pray for his family to be comforted through the entire process. Amen.

  • Such a scary event! I went through a traumatizing event a few years ago that still haunts me to this day. It wasn’t my child, but I was present and in the blink of an eye, it could have been a lot worse. I hope you’re friend’s child makes a speedy recovery.

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