A Quick Errand

It’s Memorial Day Weekend Saturday, I am not on call, Hubby is away, and it’s pouring rain. Our babysitter arrived bright and early so I could run errands. I have alot on my plate today, so I included “write a little blog” as one errand.

I also went to the big cheap department store nearby to pick up exactly three items that somehow didn’t make it into the grocery cart on my last big run: Dishwasher detergent, sliced cheese, and a meat thermometer.

Of course there was a sale. Oh, and I really wanted to buy CARS, that Disney Pixar Movie, because ever since the day that I put it on for Babyboy (I think he was having a bit of a clingy tantrum and I really needed a moment to do something), he’s been obsessed with it.

It’s a cute movie, for sure. I actually still really enjoy it, about ten viewings later. (That’s no exaggeration). But we’ve been watching it On Demand, and it’s $2.99 for a three-day rental. Hubby and I realized we’ve probably spent almost 20 bucks on this one movie. So I decided to buy it.

That took me off of my list, and from there it all went to hell. Into the cart went CARS, and THE LORAX (well, that has a nice message too, and we have a really long car ride coming up soon). Then it was some swimwear (30% off!), backyard grilling stuff (Father’s day gifts!), and some beach towels (so cute! and really cheap!)…

I rang up a doozy of a bill, justified only because I get 5% off with the store credit card, and hey, we NEEDED all this stuff anyways. Right?

But what killed me in the end is I spent an hour and a half in the store.

That was not a quick errand!

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