Both my kids are asleep at the same time

When I was a medicine resident, if we were ever able to discharge every single patient on our list, we would high-five our colleagues and declare, “I’ve won the game!” It was so incredibly rare to have zero inpatients, and also, so short-lived. But it was sweet when it happened, because we could do fun things like read the latest New England Journal. Or go home early, which is what we really wanted to do,  if they let us.


Now, it’s 5:30 pm.  My two-year old Babyboy didn’t nap at all today or yesterday, and he had a terrible night’s sleep last night. For some reason he was very restless, and woke up at 1 a.m., thirsty; Hubby is traveling for work, so I got him some juice and rocked him to sleep. My 8- month-old Babygirl was up at 6:30 a.m, with Babyboy up soon thereafter, and there started the day. The day was my day off from work: in the morning we had Speech therapy for Babyboy, which really is alot of playing with a super- enthusiastic and lovable speech therapist who makes very exaggerated sounds and words and signs; then grocery shopping; then the fun babysitter came, and I went to the gym while Babyboy played and played.


I figured Babyboy would crash sooner or later, and so I got him bathed and in PJ’s super-early, by 5 pm. He then fell asleep sitting up in his high chair. I was able to gently pick him up, and I walked around with him asleep on my shoulder for awhile, to make sure he was good and out before I tried to lay him down. He’s so heavy and warm and peaceful when he’s asleep, I don’t mind carrying around his 30 pounds of almond-butter scented sweetness. Meantime Babygirl feel asleep for her afternoon nap while sitting in her reclining chair.


I was able to lay Babyboy down in his crib; Babygirl can nap in the recliner. And now, it’s not even 6 pm and it’s blissful quiet. I made a Greek salad with all the fixings- briny Kalamata olives, good feta, sweet and spicy peppadews, a bit of red onion slivers, and fresh tomatoes from my mom’s garden. The kids are breathing noisily but evenly: Babygirl right here next to me, and Babyboy on the monitor.  I have probably two hours of this to look forward to…


I’ve won the game!




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