Maybe vacations are not for sleeping…

So me, hubby, our 2-year-old baby boy, and our 6-month-old baby girl flew to Central America for a week for my litle brother’s wedding. Babyboy had coxsackievirus in the days leading up to the trip, and he was only just starting to eat again when we roused him and babygirl at 4 am to make our 6:30 am flight.

Suffice to say, we barely, barely made the plane; if I hadn’t begged security to let us bypass through the handicapped line, we would not have made it.

The trip down was a nauseating blur of screaming fits and a looong delay in Miami. We were all stuck for several hours in row 29 of the plane, as a rainstorm passed. Cheerios and Thomas and friends littered the floor of the row. Believe it or not, there is enough legroom in Economy for a toddler to lie down and play trains.

We arrived in our Foreign land and relatives whisked us away to their home, where we relaxed a bit. Babies did not cooperate too much with the relaxing, as they continued to awaken during the nights, multiple times.

The wedding was dreamy, and the reception was gorgeous; it all could have been featured in a magazine. The ceremony took place in a colonial era church, and the reception in a sprawling tropical garden, both with views of the area volcanoes. There were bundles and cascades of flowers. There were tables and platters and bowls of food, so much good regional fare, authentic, well-made. There was a good raucous party, with fireworks. It was quite an affair.

Babyboy was adorable in his tiny Italian suit. Babygirl made an appearance in a white eyelet lace number. Both were passed around and hugged/ kissed by multiple relatives, and seemed to enjoy it. We stayed way later than we planned, as Babyboy ran aroud like a wild man, giggling and absorbing all the new faces, foods, sounds, smells… Babygirl smiled and napped alot.

We got back to the hotel and had another night of baby awakenings. At this point we got used to Babyboy sleeping in bed with us after 3 am or so; it was just easier.

The trip home: we again had to rouse our babies at an ungodly hour and hustle to the plane, again barely making the flight. Miami found us dealing with a deliriously tired toddler who then puked all over himself… There was another delay, but we thanked God we were in the airport and not on the plane. We apologised to our co-passengers for our screaming infant. Again.

And we came home to… 100 degree weather and we don’t have central AC. BUT thankful all the same that the wedding went off without a problem; no one got the runs (puking once is allowed); and we all got home safe.

Our cats were sure glad to see us, as well. Last night at 2 am or so, after Babyboy woke up and we brought him into our room, I sat up and realized that in our rather small bedroom, we had Babygirl in a bassinet; Babyboy between us in bed; 1 fat furry kitty at the foot of the bed, and one sprawled on the floor. It was sooo cute!

But man, I could really use some sleep…

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  • A few months ago I flew by myself to Melbourne with my two young boys to attend my sisters wedding. I was a bridesmaid and my 3 year old a page boy. We spent the week before the wedding in self imposed isolation as they both developed hand foot and mouth disease within 24 hours of departing our home in Cairns. My 3 year old had needed oral steroids a week prior to this for his asthma so he made a very scabby pageboy! I was traveling solo, and it made for a really hard week.

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