Tired, In Pain, and Still Waiting… But It’s All Good.

Okay, not much has changed since my last post- I am still having irregularly spaced contractions. They’re strong enough to sometimes make me arch my back in the chair or the car and grab something to white-knuckle as I suck in breath, and sometimes they’re just kind of annoying. In either case, apart from creating loads of scary-looking bloody mucus, they aren’t doing much for my cervix. I’ve been at 1 cm for 3 weeks now.


Darn uterus! Who ever heard of a second labor going slower than the first?


So we’re in limbo…


It’s also frustrating that my original due date, which is today, December 21, was bumped in favor of the early ultrasound due date, which is December 29. All this time I scoffed at that technological imposition- how DARE a lousy ultrasound supersede my own natural cycles and timing! And I have been using December 21 as a due date all along, insisting that I Knew which was the right date, that My Cycles were more important than any ultrasound, to which my OB would shake her head and say, OK, we’ll see


Now, today is the day, but, it is not the day.


I am exhausted, barely able to get sleep as these contractions wake me every 20 minutes or so; not really able to go anywhere or do anything as I’m completely brain-dead, mucousy and contracting intermittently… nor are we able to go to the hospital and say enough already! PLEASE just take this baby! (We tried that yesterday.)


I was exceedingly depressed about all this earlier today, but now, fortified by a bowl of my own gloriously colorful home-made veggie soup (which I threw together yesterday in a flurry of attempt to get these contractions progressing) with really good pecorino romano cheese and crusty bread, I have to appreciate:


This Babygirl is very definitely healthy. This week, we have seen her working out on ultrasound, punching at her boundaries like a pissed-off little mime; on every Doppler, her heart rate is good and strong; and after every contraction, she kicks me. And she kicks me between them, too. She wants out. This is good.


So, we wait. We wait for her to get really pissed off and make this thing happen, or we wait for our planned C-section at noon on Friday, the 23rd. Either way, in the big picture of things, it’s all good.


Of course, a few cupfuls of Raspberry Leaf tea and some trips up and down to the basement laundry room can’t hurt either…






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