Nothing to do?

I’m enjoying something very rare- Babyboy is napping; I’m at home alone; and I have nothing to do.


Well, I’m sure there are many things I COULD be doing, but there is actually, for the first time in a very long time, nothing that I absolutely HAVE to do.


Given that he woke up at 5 am today, for no explicable reason whatsoever, you’d think I would be napping. And I tried. But the sun streaming through the windows and the birds chirping, and the sound of our neighbors’ kids playing outside, were really just all too “awakening”. I cannot sleep.


I even have done all the laundry; paid the bills; did the grocery shopping this morning with him (he LOVES the grocery store, loves looking around at all the bright colors and smiling at strangers); brushed the cat; filled the birdfeeders (Babyoboy also loves to help with this, dumping the birdseed around); cleaned the kitchen (within reason); and I am signed out for the weekend with no urgent labs or imaging that I feel compelled to look up, and no patients of mine are admitted. Amazing!!


I’m sure I could catch up on my medical journals, maybe brush up on some important topic that is relevant to my practice- but I can’t think of anything pressing at the moment, no particular case is on my mind. This is also rare.


And so, I sit and pet my (now flea-free) cat, and write a few words. Blissfully light words.


And Babyboy just woke up.



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